5 Ways To Be Active in Winter

Posted by Yodit Gidey on Jan 17, 2018 1:02:01 PM

1. Home Workouts

You may workout from home using DVD workouts, Youtube videos, workout deck cards, weight lifting, resistance bands, a skipping rope, a stability ball, trampoline, or other equipment of your choice.

2. Take up winter sport

Ice skating, skiing, snow shooing are good ways to get exercise outdoors during winter.

3. Walk in doors

In Duluth, Miller Hill mall and the Sky walk are convenient for walking indoors during winter season.

4. Stairs

Walking up and down the stairs in your house or apartment building can be a great high intensity cardio and leg workout.

5. Indoor Sports

Join a team or individual sports program at your local gym. You can also sign up for any number of aerobics, dance, and/or boxing classes.

Please take extra caution when walking outdoors during winter to prevent falling. Slips and falls are major health hazards during winter season.

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